Block B [Updated Link]

Do U Wanna B? (buy the album here: YesAsia)
1. Wanna B
2. Just Stop/Geudaero Meomchwora!
3. Is It Just Me?

New Kids On The Block [1st Mini Album, Releases on: 27 June, 2011] (buy the Original Album here:
1. Halo
2. Gaseo Jeonhae / Tell Them!
3. U Hoo Hoo
4. Wanna B
5. Just Stop / Geudaero Meomchwora! / Freeze!
6. Naman Ireongeoya? / 나만 이런거야?
7. Gaseo Jeonhae / Tell Them!가서 전해 (INST)
8. 그대로 멈춰라! (INST)

Go crazy [2nd Mini Album, Releases on: 3 February, 2012] (buy the original album here:
1. LOL
2. Go Crazy
3. 했어 안했어 (Did You Or Did You Not)
4. 싱크로율 100% (Synchronization 100%)
5. Action
6. 난리나 (Go Crazy)(instrumental)

Singles [Not based by Date] :
1. Lululala
2. Pppappappa
3. Zico ft. J.Kyun – Hot MC
4. It’s Not Over (Zico, Kyung, U-Kwon, Hanhae and Mino) (Covering)
5. Wake Me Up (Zico solo)
6. Attention (Zico solo)
7. If I Ain’t Got (Zico solo)
8. Dead President (Zico solo)
9. I’m Still Fly (Zico solo) (cover of Drake “I’m Still Fly)
10. Billionare (Zico ft. Hanhae)
11. My Town (Zico ft. Mino)
12. Energizer (Kyung solo)
13. Hot Track (Kyung solo)
14. Harmonics/The Letter (Zico & Kyung ft. Elin)
15. Turn Around (Zico and Kyung)
16. Strong (Kyung and P.O)


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