’bout Me ;)

Welcome!! 안영!!

just a little girl who born at january, 16 and called as Annisa. have a full name called AnnisaGZ. i’m 99lines \m/
i’m KOREAN POP and MANGA ADDICT!!! Super Junior (슈퍼주니어), 2NE1 (투애니원), Block B (블락비), Aoyama Gosho (青山 剛昌) and Eriko Ono (えり子おの) addicted.
i like japanese-pop, but, i prefer to korean-pop and anti fans of Indonesian-POP!! ^^ hmm, by the way, do you know SNSD as called as Girls’ Generation? i’m ANTI FANS OF THEM!!!!!!! i hate SONELF or SUPERGENERATION!! they are same like jerk :/

don’t like with that? don’t visit my blog and GO AWAY FROM MY BLOG!!!

[120211 22:24]


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