Welcome To The Block [Block B’s 2nd Mini Album] Thanks To Messages

Welcome To The Block Thanks To Messages

To mom whom I can turn to and who believes in her son who is always sensitive and full of complaints! I love you.Mentor Taeeulie hyung who led us in producing this album and worked hard with us, if not for your advice and skilled directing we couldn’t have ever come up with such wonderful tracks.Isis staff, Delly Boi hyung, STARDOM family members, Brand New Music, Do’Main, my love BBC!Finally, Lord, please always be with me so I don’t become a wicked and weak person.

I would like to thank Father God who touches me and enables me to appreciate day after day.Those who have believed in me up to this point and continue to believe in me, my biggest source of strength: our dad, mom, nuna, and Chan. Thank you so much, I love you.And also, thanks to the many people who gave even the tiniest of help with this album.To our Block B members, though we often argue we have gotten used to each other; let’s work harder!And lastly to my energizer BBC, I love you (sincerely). Thank you everyone.

Thank you mom and dad who always worry about me, I love you very much. I will be a greater and better son for you!Chairman Cho PD who allowed us to make such a wonderful album! Representative Kim Jungho! And BrandNew Stardom family!Those who work hard for us, our stylist team, Isis team, I.D. Myo, TMF hyungs, Beat on Pop Kanghwanie hyung, Director Taewan! Thank you very much everyone! ㅠㅠLastly, my beloved friends and Jaesungie hyung! I treasure and love you lots!!!

First I’d like to express my biggest gratitude towards my parents who brought me into this world.My heart hurts at the thought of you sweating profusely as you work even at this hour. I will strive harder and let you experience living in luxury.I would like to say thank you to the BrandNew Stardom family, Isis family, stylist team, I.D. Myo, TMF dancer hyungs and nunas, and vocal trainer teacher Han Sooyeon. Lastly, Taeulie hyung! It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that you handled everything for this album, thank you. You did a great job.

Although I’m sorry for never telling you the words ‘I love you’ personally with my own voice, this time I will still write it down. Mom, dad, I love you.If you’d please wait a bit longer I’ll be sure to make you the happiest parents on earth. And whenever I’m having it rough or need to rest, my hyung is the only one whom I can lean on and who’d give me advice, I love you too~

Thanks to God the Father who created me.Our beloved mom and brother, I’m always grateful and sorry. I love you a lot.Thank you very much to Pastor Oh Bumyeol and my Sungsan (Church) family who always pray for me.Tama, teacher Minkyu, Buster Jr., TMF, I.D. Myo, Floor 1 Studio, Isis, stylists, thanks everyone.And S.H.I.T., I miss you little squirts.

To the one and only Mrs. Kim Miyoung, your son loves you a lot.
(T/N: He wrote in dialect)

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